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Shop Local & Long Live Local is our Anthem!

We believe it’s imperative to support the health of our community. This goes beyond providing clean, delicious foods and goods. Providing you with hand-crafted foods & goods from local families, individuals and businesses strenghtens our the phsycial health, the economy, the workforce & our enironment. Look for the Local tags store wide or ask an Associate for assitance.

Earth Day is in April but we must always celebrate the Earth!

“The Earth is a fine place & worth fighting for.”
— Earnest Hemmingway
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These local Farms are located within 10 to 50 miles of Sunflower Market

Local Dairies - These dairies are located within 10 to 50 miles from Sunflower Natural Foods Market.

Local HBA & Homeopathic Remedies -  These Artisans are located between 10 to 50 miles from Sunflower Market

Local Gourmet Grocery & Beverage

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