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Long. Live. Local.

Since 1978, Sunflower Market has always focused on quality all-natural, organic, and sustainable local products that we are proud to feed to our families and communities. We now remain as the last Family Owned and Independently Operated Natural Grocers in the area.


After we expanded to our current size in 2019, we had become accustomed to well-stocked Local and Regional suppliers and a robust supply chain to fill our shelves with the products our communities love and depend on.


Shortly after our expansion however, the Pandemic changed everything and our ability to rely on the same traditional supply chains was severely eroded.


We understood immediately that the solution to our supply chain issues was to fully commit and reinvest in our communities through purchasing and supplying the highest quality Local products and continuing to build our relationships with our amazing Local vendors.


We proudly display our new Local Vendor map at our Woodstock location, reinforcing our mission and passion for supporting our communities through sustainably-sourced Local products and a shared vision on the importance of whole-body health.

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