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Just as the Earth experiences four seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall; astrology planet patterns reveal specific seasons for your soul. Your personal birth chart reflects “soul cycles” presenting both challenge and opportunity. For anyone facing changes with family, work, relationship or health, learn specific strategies for empowerment during times of transition.

Kathryn Andren, The Love Astrologer inspires individuals, couples and families to live healthy, empowered lives with passion and purpose. She is an astrologer, healer and intuitive. Years of living in the Hawaiian islands and a love affair with the natural world fuels her passion for life and work. She is a current contributor to Brides Magazine and a member of the Organization of Professional Astrologers. Kathrynintegrates 20 years of professional healing service with intuitive wisdom.

Hear what people are saying about working with Kathryn: "Wow. Kathryn, the reading you gave was just beautiful, incredible and deep. You are VERY good at what you do. Many thanks. “

"Just listened to our latest session together from last month. It's a gift that keeps giving. Thank you again for the incredible reading!”

“Kathryn, your session has affirmed my knowing. I feel more confident. Thank you.”

Private sessions with Kathryn available the same day.


Soul Pattern Session: Individual Astrology Reading with Kathryn Andren

Your personal astrology chart is a map for life. Discover your personal gifts, how to best optimize opportunity and overcome challenges with grace and ease.
• Identify your tendencies, past & present, with compassion and clarity

• Explore supportive strategies for your road ahead

A Soul Pattern Session is an individual natal astrology reading. Please provide complete birth information: date of birth, birth place and time of birth. (Remember, specify AM or PM, or indicate if your birth time is an estimate.) Reading includes detailed research before your session, plus copy of your personal chart.

50 min $150


Tarot Reading: Ask the Astrologer, Kathryn Andren

Consulting with the timeless wisdom of Tarot reveals options to create conscious choices here and now. Bring questions for clarity in any area of life: family, relationships work, or health. The Love Astrologer utilizes energized intuition empower your next steps. Please provide your date of birth.

25 MIN $65

50 MIN $120

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