Woodstock Healing Arts

Think of breath as being more than simply inhaling and exhaling. Allow your mind to open to the wonder of inspiration and expression. Imagine that every time you receive a breath, you are inhaling divine love and guidance. Imagine that every time you express yourself, that your words are melodies coming forth from your being, generously sharing your truth, your deep knowledge and what is truly in your heart.

Join Carol Fox Prescott in an introduction to soul-nourishing, specific, and reliable expression techniques, designed to bring ease, awareness and joy to heart-centered and tension free communications.

With her special combination of theatrical skill, teaching experience and devotion to Torah, master acting teacher CarolFox Prescott, is beautifully attuned to actors, clergy, public speakers, and anyone looking to empower themselves to lead, both in their own lives and with teams and communities. In this sacred setting, you will embody Breath by Breath techniques, empowering your communications, enlivening your words with authenticity and bringing ease and power to your public speaking as you transmit the depth and breadth of your calling.

Carol Fox Prescott is a celebrated actor, singer, director, master teacher, performance coach and author. She brings 40 years of experience in professional theater to individuals of all walks of life, enabling breakthroughs in authenticity, personal growth, and creativity. Carol’s clients include professional actors, business leaders, clergy, doctors, artists and educators- anyone for whom presentation and self-discovery are essential to success.

She is renowned for her breath work techniques and helps people master “being at ease” in everyday life, while unleashing confidence and creativity. Carol helps individuals rechannel performance anxiety, in any setting, into free flowing insight and self-expression. She is the author of "Breathing Awareness and Joy: An Approach to Acting for the 21st Century".

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