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Are you a seeker of knowledge and inner peace?
Have the BIG QUESTIONS always weighed on you? Who are we? Where are we going? What do we have in common? How can we exist? Will we continue to do so?
Pramantha Book Club is seeking you!

Pramantha is a monthly book club and seated mediation group exploring both secular and spiritual works of non-fiction. Books will be chosen for exploration into the commonalities of human existence and the concept of higher consciousness. The group is non-denominational but topics from various theologies may be included in the reading materials. This is a community building group. People of all ages and ideologies are welcome. We are looking to create a space where the group can cultivate respectful conversations and gain new perspectives into the experience of being human. In addition to discussing the books, each month we will sit a 20-30 minute focused meditation on the lessons learned that month. No experience or belief in a higher power needed. This is an easy introduction to the benefits intentional stillness can bring into a life.

Facilitator Erin Cadigan is a local artist, author, activist and entrepreneur. Her artwork focuses on incorporating the knowledge she gains through reading into illuminated illustrations. She relies heavily on symbols and motifs from science, religions and cultures to help draw connections between seemingly unrelated subjects. She has spent twenty-five years exploring her own thoughts on humanity and spirituality through reading and meditation. Pramantha is a way to expand that conversation, making the exploration active rather then insular.

A note from Erin: Each month the books we read will be chosen by me with the help of the practitioners of Woodstock Healing Arts. I am open to suggestions by the members. I’d like the books to be new experiences for all of us and so I am going to try to stay away from items I’ve already read (no matter how good) and ask that suggestions be the same. In this way I hope to remain a seeker and facilitator and not a guide or a teacher.

COST:Members are asked to contribute $5 per meeting covering space and light refreshments.

WHERE AND WHEN: Meetings are held the second Sunday of each month from 7-830 pm at Woodstock Healing Arts.
First meeting is June 11.

BOOK: This months book is TBD.

During the book club we will have a book discussion followed by a 20 minute meditation.

Want to join us? Mirabai has copies at 10% off for book club members.

Feel free to email erin directly at ialieneye@hotmail.com Subject:Pramantha

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