This week's organic produce sale runs through Monday, November 27th, and features:

Garnet Yams:  $1.79/lb

Jewel Yams: $1.79/lb

Spaghetti Squash:  $1.49/lb

Zucchini:  $1.49/lb

Yellow Squash:  $1.49/lb (Woodstock Only)

Raspberries:  2 for $10

Blueberries:  2 for $12

Fuji Apples:  $2.49/lb

Opal Apples:  $2.99/lb

Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Gala Apples (Bagged):  2 for $8

Green Kiwi:  4 for $3 (Woodstock Only)

Red Anjou Pears:  $2.49/lb

Lemons:  $2.49/lb

Limes:  $1.99/lb

Rainbow Baby Carrots:  2 for $5

Fennel:  2 for $6

Pineapples:  2 for $6

Red Grapefruit:  $2.49/lb

Sweet Baby Broccoli:  2 for $6 (Woodstock Only)

Heirloom Shiitake Mushrooms:  $8.99/lb (Woodstock Only)

Heirloom Shiitake Mushrooms (Packaged):  2 for $6 (Woodstock Only)

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