Woodstock Healing Arts


In this thought-provoking workshop, we will explore how we create our personal relationships with money and learn how to make them more financially rewarding. The Moolah Doula, Joanne Leffeld will offer creative approaches to improving your financial future in this exploration about the meaning of money and how we relate to it in our lives. Experiential exercises invite participants to reflect on patterns, beliefs and limiting thoughts holding us back from attracting more prosperity into our lives. This workshop includes small break out sessions to reflect with one another on personal stories and discoveries. By learning to shift one’s limiting beliefs, financial abundance can be cultivated. This workshop is open to men and women of all ages desiring a deeper level of consciousness with the energy of money. 

Joanne has helped many people save hundreds and thousands of dollars and increase the health of their wealth and will do the same for you!

Attendees will also receive a gift of a complementary 1/2 hour phone consultation with Joanne.

Light drinks and snacks will be served.
Cost: $18 per person, $30 per couple

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