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Not only do we consider it our privilege to be a part of how our customers take care of themselves and their families, but we also believe we have a responsibility to share our bounty with our local charitable community.


Every month, we select local not-for-profit organizations aligned with our charitable values & send a portion of our proceeds directly to them.


Our MONTHLY donations, which come from customers who decide to “round up” their purchases and matched dollar for dollar by Sunflower Market, have helped the following organizations carry out their own missions.

Together, we can all make an impact on thousands of lives in our region:


Planned Parenthood                                Citizen Action of NY

Woodstock Land Conservancy                           Winnakee Land Trust

Cast Aside to Survive                                         Saugerties Animal Shelter

Anderson Center for Autism                       Center for Spectrum Services

Woodstock Farm Fest                                    The Southlands Foundations

Hudson Valley LGBTQ                                         RiseUp Kingston

Catskill Animal Sanctuary                                 Pine Hill Community

Table at Woodstock                                           Dutchess Outreach

Family of Woodstock                                     the middle Way School of the Hudson Valley

YMCA, Inc                                                             Breast Cancer Options

Culture Connect                                             Children's Home of Kingston

Reservoir Food Pantry                                      Angel Food East

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