A village thrives when its neighbors, businesses and natural environment are connected. We believe that food can foster that connection, which is why we aim to provide only the healthiest, simplest, highest-quality food for our community.
Sunflower is the only natural foods market in Upstate New York that’s dedicated to bringing the best natural and organic products to our community.


Let’s Grow Together

Since 1978, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring our customers whole-health products that they can feel good serving to the people they love. We work with local farmers and businesses to support our community and ensure that we always know where our food comes from. And we intentionally consider the impact of every decision we make.

When we do well, our community does well. So let’s grow together.

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Beyond the fact that you’ll feel better when you eat clean, green food and use all-natural products, you’ll also earn points toward additional purchases when you become a member of our rewards program.