In business for over 35 years, locally owned, family run, all natural grocer, carrying a full line of organic produce, bulk items, local dairy, supplements, vitamins, body care & more!
Numi Tea's Hand-Blended Organic Teas - The Purest Teas on the Planet The artistry celebrated in our hand-blended Organic teas and teasans enlivens the subtle complexities of each ingredient, creating a balanced, rich, magnificent cup of tea.

Numi Tea is one of the fastest growing tea companies in the United States, consistently outpacing the category according to SPINS. Hand-blended and made with 100% real fruits & spices for purity of taste, Numi's organic tea line offers only premium, full leaf teas to ensure smooth, soothing flavors in every cup with no added oils or "natural flavorings" necessary to create flavor.

Certified Organic and sourced directly from the gardens of origin, Numi's impressive selection of Fair Trade Certified teas are sold in beautiful shrink-wrap free, eco-friendly packaging printed with soy based inks and are composed of 85% post-consumer waste. Each unique tea variety offers hand-blended selections and original hand-painted imagery for packaging chosen and produced by the co-founders. The tea bags are all biodegradable and not made with the "silky" nylon or GMO-based cornstarch materials used commonly by competitors.

Leading the tea category with artistry, innovation and quality, Numi has captured the imagination and palate of tea drinkers worldwide creating a line of premium organic teas that truly stands out above all others.
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680692101706 Numi Tea
Aged Earl Grey

18 BAG
680692102307 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Organic Berry Black Tea ( 6x16 Bag)

680692102208 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Organic Breakfast Blend Black Tea ( 6x18 Bag)

680692101508 Numi Tea
Chamomile Lemon - Sweet Meadows

18 BAG
680692101010 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Dry Desert Lime Herbal Tea ( 6x18 Bag)

680692101805 Numi Tea
Golden Chai

18 BAG
680692102109 Numi Tea
Green Rooibos - Sweet African Red

18 BAG
680692101096 Numi Tea
Gunpowder Green - Temple Of Heaven

18 BAG
680692101034 Numi Tea
Honeybush - Bushmens Brew

18 BAG
680692101089 Numi Tea
Numi Organic Tea Monkey King, Full Leaf Jasmine Green Tea In Teabags, 18-Coun...

680692102505 Numi Tea
Mate Lemon Green - Rainforest Green

18 BAG
680692103601 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Organic Chocolate Puerh Tea ( 6x16 Bag)

680692103502 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Organic Emperor's Puerh Tea ( 6x16 Bag)

680692103809 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Organic Magnolia Puerh Tea ( 6x16 Bag)

680692103700 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Organic Mint Puerh Tea ( 6x16 Bag)

680692101027 Numi Tea
Rooibos - Red Mellow Bush

18 BAG
680692102000 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Organic Ruby Chai Herbal Tea ( 6x18 Bag)

680692102406 Numi Tea
Numi Tea Organic Orange Spice White Tea ( 6x16 Bag)

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