Our story

We are Family Owned & Operated.  2 Generation of 'Woodstockers' with an incredible team of like-minded, dedicated people come to Sunflower each day to share our passion for eating right, living well, and enjoying life for all it has to offer!   We aim to offer the highest quality organic, GMO-free, free range, locally crafted and grown produce, meat, dairy & seafood and more at a fair price.

We have committed to lowering prices on specific items and these prices are available every day!   Browse from over 400 items on sale & earn 2x your rewards points on more than 40 items storewide, every month.  We also feature weekly 100% Certified Organic Produce Sales that have 4 deliveries a week!  

Our Mission

Our mission is to be Your Grocery Store.  Whether you live in Woodstock or a surrounding community;  if you are passing through or staying for the weekend or season, you are always welcome at Sunflower Natural Foods Market.

The food and other fine goods we offer you are for you.  You are the reason we work so very hard at everything we do.  From fresh, organic smoothies, to bulk coffee, locally raised beef, to fluoride-free toothpaste, we strongly believe that it does "take a village" to raise not only a child but to nourish the whole family & the whole community.  We care about your health and always want you to have an enjoyable shopping experience, finding new and different ways to nourish yourself and the ones you love.  Thank you.  You are so very important to us!

Shop Healthy, Live Healthy!

Co-Owners Robert Whitcomb, Prakash Misra, Melissa Misra & Roz Balkin 

How it all began...

Sunflower began as a journey for Bob Whitcomb, in Woodstock, back in June of 1978.  Peace, Love and Granola were still going strong and Bob felt that a source of healthy living for the community was something special that would unite people for the common good.  Years of hands-on experience & a degree in Food Service Management, Bob created the Food Oasis that Sunflower continues to be today!

giving back

Part of what makes Sunflower, "Sunflower" is our desire to engage, connect & support our local community and larger causes that impact the environment, this beautiful planet we are blessed to walk upon.

Take part in our monthly charitable drives!  Each month, we focus on local charity.   For every rounded up purchase, Sunflower matches that rounded up amount & donates in kind to the featured local charity.  See your Associate for details!

Sunflower donates to charities of all sizes, all year & we believe the act of giving gives everyone purpose.  Pay it Forward!

featured charity

More Charities We Support

Being Green


In 2009 , we installed a 32 kw solar array system at our Woodstock location.  The Solar Array consists of 153 - 210 watt panels.  and produces no air pollution, noise pollution, does not emit any greenhouse gas emissions, or hazardous waste!

For more information visit Solar Generation


All of our paper bags are Green Seal Certified.  All plastic bags are PET Free

All utensils & to go containers are either bioplastic & biodegradable, biodegradable, compostable and all are PET free.

Green Seal Certified

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