time to order your holiday turkey!

This season, we are proud to offer locally raised Turkey.

Select from Certified Organic or All Natural.

Vegan or Vegetarian? We’ve got you covered for the Holidays with Tofurky Feasts and Rolls & Celebration Roasts & Traditional Roasts from Field Roast.

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$5.99 per pound

Farm located in Canajoharie, NY

 $5.29 per pound  Farm is located in Tivoli, NY

$5.29 per pound

Farm is located in Tivoli, NY

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Lean, nutritious and versatile, turkey is an American staple during harvest time.  Hidden Camp Farm believes this celebratory bird should be raised the old-fashioned way, on pasture and with time.  No growth hormones, GMO’s or antibiotics are used on Hidden Camp Farm.

Weight Range:
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Reserve My All Natural Turkey

From Northwind Farms in Tivoli, NY: “Northwind Farms is a family farm located in the Hudson Valley near the village of Tivoli. Northwind Farms has been providing the Hudson Valley with all natural pasture raised grass-fed turkey, duck , goose, rabbit, goat, lamb, quail, beef as well as  pork, poultry, & guinea hen and more for over 30 years.”

Weight Range:
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To purchase your Turkey in store

  • See your Cashier to Order your Turkey

  • $30 non-refundable deposit per Turkey is applied to final purchase price.

  • Range not exact size guaranteed.

  • Pick up your Turkey as early as Nov 17th and as late as Nov 21st, unless otherwise noted.

RECIPES: How to Make an Amazing Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegans often get the short end of the Thanksgiving stick. Their hosts may forget that chicken stock and eggs aren’t vegan, and they’re almost always left without dessert, save some fruit.

This year, if we have our say, no vegan will be left behind! Follow a few simple swaps to create an amazing Thanksgiving that will please every one of your guests, no matter their eating style.

By the way…don’t feel like you need to make the entire menu vegan for a single guest. Most vegans will be happy to have a few options. For guests with dietary restrictions, it’s nice to make sure they have at least one salad and two side dish options. And if you’re still confused about serving a vegan at your Thanksgiving, just ask. Most will be happy to answer any questions, and even point you in the right direction with recipes.

Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

Kick the festivities off right with a few options for your vegan friends. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or in the case of an easy-to-assemble vegan cheese plate…it can be!
* Vegan cheese plate: Bring together some Miyoko’s Creamery or Treeline tree nut cheeses, crackers from Simple Mills, a nice fig jam, a few grapes, and mixed organic nuts from our bulk department for a beautiful cheese plate. This is all about the presentation…look here for inspiration.
* Dips: We’ve got a whole selection of vegan spreads and dips:  Ithaca HummusCedars Organic HummusHope Hummus, or any of the fresh dips from our Deli case. Or try this vegan spinach & kale dip, a gorgeous, green, cheesy, melty dip that’s a real crowd pleaser.

Side Dishes
Many sides can be made vegan without missing a beat, consider cooking these crowd-pleasing vegan sides:
Harvest-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Mark Bittman’s Green Mashed Potatoes
Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes 
Vegan Stuffing

Now that the side dishes are covered, let’s make sure none of your vegan friends are left out when it comes to the entree. You can opt for alternative entrees like stuffed squash, stuffed mushrooms, and vegan loaves or try this Vegan Mushroom Gravy Pie. Get close to the real deal with this array of festive meat alternatives (available in our freezer section) that will make every vegan feel part of the holiday. Choose from:

This is one area where you can definitely please all your guests simultaneously…no one even needs to know the care you’ve taken to make your desserts vegan. One bite of any of these treats and they will be beyond satisfied.

If you the have time/desire to prepare dessert yourself, check out the simple recipe for Chocolate Cranberry Nut Bark recipe in our Celebrate the Season Thanksgiving Brochure, available here or in the store. Or any of these vegan goodies will not let you down:

If you want to grab something quick and sweet for your own or someone else’s Thanksgiving feast, we’ve got some amazing sweets right here in the store:

Wishing you and all your friends and family an amazing Thanksgiving. With or without the turkey!

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